A strong IT infrastructure for your network will often make the difference between happy users and frustrated users.

Wireless Networking installations for buildings, offices, and computer labs:

  • Installation of Ubiquiti Wireless networking access points (AP) for offices and warehouses. 
  • Setup of Wireless mesh and roaming with single SSID for offices and warehouses.
  • Setup secure wireless network access for your guests separate from your company network. 
Network Cables Installation

We offer solutions and network cable installation around Zimbabwe to suit your networking needs. Our highly experienced technicians and engineers are fully qualified to work with the latest networking standards.

We specialize in the installation of structured cablings such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a.

We offer a complete one-stop solution for schools and office relocation. We have a broad experience of network cabling solutions for public & private sectors with regards to organizations, business offices, entertainment & leisure facilities, as well as data cabling for schools & colleges.

We test all data cabling installations and components, as well as certify that they meet all current standards. In addition, we also provide completed cabling installations. In fact, we are able to offer data cabling solutions across the entire range and for all applications. Each installation complies with current standards and regulations. Our installations are of high-quality along with top-quality Ethernet components. We also provide extras such as routers, switches, and wireless access points.

Relocation of premises – this is a solution for all businesses as our cabling services include:

  • Installation of new networks
  • Fault finding & Repairs to networks and cabling
  • Upgrades or improvements to existing networks
  • Provision and caballing installation of telephone extensions
  • Network Cable Installations within walls, roofs, and under floors
  • Set up of server rooms
  • Server Rack installations
  • Server Rack neatening.
  • Power over Ethernet

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