The WhatsApp Web Hacking Series

In this tutorial series, Leon Manyonho, a Cyber Security enthusiast will be taking you through how someone can partially get hold of a WhatsApp Account using Google Chrome App Data on a Windows PC as well as possible mitigation measures one can take.

Google Chrome WhatsApp Web Hack tutorial shows a WhatsApp Web Hack that that can be exploited by someone on a Windows PC and effectively gaining access and control of a victim’s WhatsApp account without being in contact with the victim’s phone but only a Google Chrome-WhatsApp Web-linked browser.

This Tutorial is intended for educational purposes only and Vienoula Inc. will not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of this video whatsoever.

Please make sure you log out of you WhatsApp Web browsing session on Google Chrome always and protect yourself from unintended leaks and a possible WhatsApp account lockout.

The tutorial was done on Microsoft Azure and that’s how I was able to separate the locations of the Computers Used.

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